Wedding Photos at the Lyceum in Alexandria VA

February 24, 2016
Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-011

Though I’m a Northern Virginia native I had never heard of the Lyceum until we first met with Dan and Bridget about photographing their Lyceum wedding. In short, the Lyceum is a historic site located in Old Town that now serves as Alexandria’s history museum. Dan is a history buff and a Historian for the City of Alexandria so a Lyceum wedding was a great fit for them!

Photographing Dan and Bridget’s February wedding was such a treat, especially considering the unusual sixty degree weather. When photographing a winter wedding in Northern Virginia you just never know what you’re going to get.

Here are a few preview images for you to enjoy!

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-001

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-002

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-003

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-004

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding Photos-001

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding Photos-002

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding Photographer-002

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-006

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-007

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-008

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-009

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-010

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding Photographer-003

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding Photographer-004

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding Photos-003

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-011

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding Photos-004

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-012

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-013

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-014

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-015

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding Photos-005

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-017

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-018

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-019

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-020

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-022

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-023

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-024

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding Photographer-005

Lyceum Alexandria_Wedding-025

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